Backup your devices with i-Vertix Network Configuration Backup

Integrated within i-Vertix IT Monitoring, the Network Configuration Backup feature automates the backup of the configurations of all network devices and creates a history of all variations with the possibility of comparing all the different versions.

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Graphical Maps to help you monitor your systems

Monitoring a large number of hosts or services can sometimes be really complicated. For that reason, last year we created "i-Vertix Map", a tool that is fully integrated into our i-Vertix monitoring solution and that offers several useful options.

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i-Vertix End User Experience Monitoring
How to monitor the End User Experience with i-Vertix

Monitoring the End User Experience can be a powerful asset for a company. Not knowing how an application is performing can lead to a loss of customers or a decrease in terms of productivity. i-Vertix EUM helps you provide the most flawless experience, all the time.

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i-Vertix Autodiscovery
How to use i-Vertix Autodiscovery

Completely integrated within the i-Vertix Monitoring solution, the Autodiscovery feature can manually or automatically detect and recognise services and add them to your monitoring system, thus guaranteeing a 100% coverage while also helping you save a lot of time.

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ivertix monitoring agent
Windows Advanced Monitoring with i-Vertix Monitoring Agent for Windows

i-Vertix Monitoring Agent for Windows allows to activate different advanced monitoring features. The pre-configured templates permit to enable “self-healing” features that allow i-Vertix to automatically intervene in the event of errors or malfunctions.

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