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Doesn't overburden your IT budget, fixed costs increase only marginally

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Grows with your infrastructure and needs

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No Vendor Lock-In, thus allowing free long-term planning and optimisation

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Offers a wide range of pre-configured searches for flexible reporting

i-Vertix IT Network Management, as it should be

User-friendly, simple, powerful

i-Vertix is distinguished from other monitoring solutions primarily by its usability. Network devices such as servers, routers, switches, SAN's, as well as applications are monitored centrally. Your administrators have numerous dashboards and search functions at their disposal.

Reliable in service, simple to use, effective and flexible in reporting

Create dashboards that can be customised to your specific needs. You have full control over your performance data thanks to a flexible and easy-to-use surface.

Immediate identification of problems and exceedances of limit values

i-Vertix offers a stable and scalable basis for the daily operation of servers, networks, applications and cloud services - all-inclusive with a 360° view of your entire IT infrastructure.

Quickly operational, with reduced commitment to implementation and configuration

i-Vertix impresses with its fast installation, fast activation and simple configuration. This ensures absolute transparency of all critical business processes.

Competitive with much more than just basic functionality

i-Vertix is an efficiency and effectiveness oriented tool, which primarily responds to the needs of bussines. With i-Vertix your administrators receive a tool that pursues the "to get things done" philosophy.

Easily extendable and scalable, resulting in cost and resource savings

i-Vertix is functionally focused on the essentials; thus allowing intuitive and perceptive usability. Additional functions can be easily integrated, maximum sanitation and economic extensions turn i-Vertix into a complete tool for your Admin team.

Network Management
It's simple

Maximum availability through timely detection of problems and failures. i-Vertix stands for easy installation and flexible expansion options. This creates the basis for solid budget planning.

i-Vertix Facts


i-Vertix provides a 360° view of your IT infrastructure at all times. Problems can be nipped in the bud and therefore limited. Your team can identify problems in time, understand their causes and origins and take countermeasures in good time.


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Log Management

Collect and analyse log data in a simple way: thanks to the modular structure i-Vertix creates the basis for connecting and managing even very large log volumes in your IT environment with simple steps. Interconnections and trends can be detected quickly. Challenging routine log management work can be considered a thing of the past.


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Asset Management

Usability, reliability and flexibility are the key features of i-Vertix. Added to this is an integrated asset and inventory module. This gives you the ideal tool to easily manage the entire IT infrastructure of your critical systems in the area of licensing and inventory management.


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